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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Club rent out its pavilion?
No, we do not rent out the pavilion. It is strictly used for club events.

Does the Club own the property?
Yes. The Alburtis Rod & Gun Club owns approximately 140 acres, of which 80% is wooded.

Does the Club stock game?
Each year 150 ringed neck pheasants are stocked. This along with deer, turkey and squirrel provide excellent hunting

Are there fishing facilities?
Yes. There are two mine holes, nearly five acres of water, stocked annually with 1500 trout all 12" or larger. Bass (catch and release), catfish, crappie, perch and pickerel can also be caught. The Swabia Creek (stocked by the state) flows through the property.

Are there shooting facilities?
Yes. There is a 100-yard rifle range with three bench rests under roof and shotgun patterning (seasonal). Also a separate 25-yard pistol range and two automatic traps for trap shooting. Ranges are open from 9am until sunset. No rapid fire.

Are there archery facilities?
Yes. There are three targets (with distance markers) adjacent to the mine holes.

Does the Club have other activities or functions?
Yes. The Alburtis Rod & Gun Club annually co-sponsors a hunter - trapper safety course. Other yearly events include the spring ham and fall turkey shoots, plus two outdoor steak fries, an annual duck race and live bands in the socials quarters. Events Calendar

Who can join and what does it cost?
Anyone 21 years or older (reg. by the PLCB) when accompanied by a current member. Membership details

What does my membership include?
Use of all Club facilities for you and your immediate family (children to age 20). This includes fishing, hunting and use of all ranges plus the right to attend monthly meetings and admittance to the social quarters (open daily except Mondays).
Membership details